It is a cooperation tool between a public administration in a Beneficiary Country and the equivalent institution in an EU Member State. It aims at upgrading/modernising the institution in a Beneficiary Country through training, reorganisation as well as approximation of legislation to EU norms and standards and its enforcement. One of its key features is the concept of mandatory results: both the Beneficiary and the EU partner commit themselves to work towards a commonly agreed result. 

Twinning projects are financed by the European Commission. The Beneficiary partner contributes to the project with human resources, office space and equipment, and training venues.

Public officials of the participating EU Member State (MS) institutions provide technical assistance to the Beneficiary Institutions. Usually only one of them, the Resident Twinning Adviser stays in the Beneficiary Country for the whole duration of the project, but in this project for the Parliaments of BiH three more resident MS experts (Component Leaders) provide permanent support as in this special case there are four beneficiary institutions.

In parliamentary twinning there is a further benefit for the participating institutions: larger political commitment can be achieved on both sides – Beneficiary Country and the EU – for the integration process based on deepening mutual understanding and strengthened political cooperation.

If you wish to gain further understanding on EU twinning-type assistance, please the following web-site: http://ec.europa.eu/enlargement/tenders/twinning/index_en.htm

Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Parliamentary Assembly of
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Parliament of the Federation of
Bosnia and Herzegovina
National Assembly of Republika Srpska
National Assembly of
Republika Srpska
Brčko District Assembly
Brčko District Assembly
Hungarian National
Hungarian National Assembly
The Project is implemented by the Consortium of
National Assembly of France
National Assembly
of France