Concluding Conference on project results with Secretaries Generals

The Conference was held on 18-19 January 2016 in Vlašić. The Secretaries Generals Conference was organised one week before the political level Closing Ceremony of the project. It served as a direct tool to facilitate the finalization of the parliamentary cooperation framework and the recommendations (parliamentary Action Plans) of the Twinning Project.

Mr. Zoltán Horváth, MS Project Leader, underlined the importance of this meeting, as the third of this kind to be held in the framework of the Twinning Project. In the debate the finalisation of the text of the Concept on the cooperation mechanism for the Parliaments of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the tasks of the EU integration process took place. The general debate on this topic was followed by meetings where the participants finalised the texts of the revised Action Plans for the respective parliaments.

The revised completed Action Plans are planned to be endorsed by all the four BiH Parliaments by the end of January 2016 by the Collegiums of State and Entity Parliaments and by the Brcko District Assembly.

All the Secretaries and Secretaries Generals expressed their satisfaction with regard the Project’s results and the dedicated work done by the EU MS representatives of the Twinning Project residing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They expressed their sincere hope that the EU Member States will continue the technical assistance of the Parliaments of BiH (including the cantonal assemblies) in the process of the European integration.

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